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Hotels in Puri
Puri is considered to be one of the finest beaches in the world. The coast line along the entire stretch of Puri to Konark makes it one of the best beaches and attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Places of interest: Sun temple, Konark , situated at around 40 kms. From Puri. The marine drive along the coast, is worth travelling and provides wonderful experience to tourists travelling along the coast.
Places of interest
Satpada: A place around 55-60 kms away from Puri, famous for dolphin park. The place is situated near world’s biggest brackish water lake (lagoon). The tourists are advised to be very cautious when planning to visit Chilka.

                   There are lot of touts operating in the regions, who  charge very little fare (taxi) and take the tourists to Chilka.  But, the motor boat owners, officials  providing tickets, and taxi owners have a very strong nexus to charge exorbitantly inflated prices by paying commission for bringing the tourists up to the Chilka. At Chilka tourists feel stranded because there is no option other than paying heavy amount. So, advise is if you are travelling in a group, book the launch or motor boats up to the point where river enters the sea only and don’t go beyond it. Because, there is nothing much to see and you can save lots of money. Do not pay more and negotiate before going with the taxi owners.